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About MJ Owner Build

MJ OwnerBuild was established in Northern Ireland by Mark Houston and James Hamilton to meet the needs of the aspiring self builder afraid to take the leap. MJ Ownerbuild provides you with guidance, materials and a home design to suit your needs and  budget so that you can finally have your dream home. Mark and James provide you with designs, materials and everything you need to get to work on building your home.

With Marks background in architecture & project management and James background in quantity surveying & contract management, this made perfect use of both their skillsets. MJ Owner Build gives those wishing to owner build their new  home the opportunity to do so without having to overcome some of the red tape associated with self building on your plot of land. We can assist you to design the home you have always wanted, then arrange for all the materials to be delivered to your plot, ready for you to begin. All instructions are set out clearly so mistakes can be kept to a minimum.

Mark and James have been in this industry many years and have found solutions to the most common problems.

‘I am always getting asked by clients, what builder could you recommend? How much will this design cost to build? Would I be better doing this construction myself?

Mark H.

‘If I had a penny for every time a client told me they went over budget and wished they had had some better direction or a bill of quantities priced up’

James H.

MJ Owner Build in NI provide you with the blueprint for success with 7 steps, which have been proven to keep the learning curve to a minimum when self building in Northern Ireland. MJ hold your hand through steps 1 to 5, thereby empowering you to walk ahead through the final steps ultimately realising your own affordable grand design.  Your 0wn ‘OwnerBuild’